Havana Brown, the chocolate colored cat

Havana Brown is a beautiful Oriental type cat of chocolate color and with a soft and shiny dress. He is
an intelligent and affectionate cat, but rather timid with people he does not know. Although he is
calm, he loves to play and prefers the cozy comfort of a house outside.
Size: 25 cm to 30 cm
Weight: 3 kg to 4 kg
Hair: short
Color: chocolate
Life expectancy: 15 years
Gestation period: 63 days

Description and characteristics of Havana Brown

Havana Brown has a rather unique look with its all-chocolate color, with mahogany shades, smooth,
soft and shiny. The latter highlights the intense color of its large oval eyes, always green. It is a
medium-sized cat with a muscular body, relatively long legs and a triangular head. The female is
smaller than the male.

His ears are big enough and carried straight on his head. One of the characteristics of Havana Brown
is its very square muzzle. Its tail is moderately long and ends with a tapered end.

There are two types of Havana Brown: the American type (with a muscular and rectangular body)
and the English type (muscular and long-limbed).

Origin of Havana Brown

Havana Brown descends from a cross between a Siamese and a European Shorthair. He appeared in
the United States in the 1950s when he was officially recognized in the mid-1960s. But his real home
country is Thailand. Havana Brown arrived in Europe in the 19th century in Great Britain where
breeders created the breed as we know it today. It is a rare cat especially in Europe. It is even on the
verge of extinction.

Character and behavior of Havana Brown – Who is it for?

Havana Brown is known as a smart, sociable and affectionate cat. He likes to be cuddled. His
character closely resembles that of the Siamese, one of his ancestors. He has boundless affection for
his master, whom he follows everywhere. On the other hand, it is a shy cat with people who are
foreign to his family.

Although he is calm and enjoys comfort, Havana Brown enjoys playing with children. It also accepts
the presence of other animals, cats or dogs.

How to take care of her Havana Brown: her needs
Sensitive to cold, Havana Brown prefers the cozy comfort of a home rather than the outdoors. On the
maintenance side, brushing once a week is enough to maintain the shine of her dress.